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Tween League

The goal of the Tween League is to allow junior golfers the opportunity to enhance their golf game and get to the point to be able to golf independently. We will focus on etiquette and getting kids out on the course with supervision but with a little more independence when compared to our Junior League. This league is for junior golfers who have participated in our junior league or junior golfers who are advanced enough to take the next step in their golf development.


As the league begins we will use the first month to get kids playing in a scramble format. This will ease kids into getting out on the course and playing. The goal is to keep the interest in golf and not allow the kids to get frustrated. They will play as many holes as they can in the two hour limit as opposed to forcing them to complete 9 holes.  The next part of the league will ween the kids off a scramble format and start using their own ball. Again, we will have a limit of strokes until kids can pick up and put their ball on the green. This keeps the pace of play up, the frustration level down and eliminates any embarrassing scores.

Throughout the season there will be opportunities to win prizes and further develop your child's golf game. The bottom line is to make sure the kids continue to have fun and grow their love for the great game of golf!


Tuesdays beginning on June 8th


$65 registration fee and $7 each week child attends. Includes golf, end of season cookouts, prizes and hats at conclusion of the league.