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Nicknames in Golf


If youre a fan of golf, you know that many of the top players have earned nicknames over the years. From Tiger Woods to Phil Mickelson, golfers have unique monikers that have become part of their identity. Heres a look at some of golfs most famous nicknames and the stories behind them.

Tiger Woods: The most recognizable golfer in the world is known simply asTiger. He reportedly got the nickname as a child when his father, Earl, thought he looked like a tiger when he played.

Phil Mickelson: The lefty is known asLefty, which is a reference to his left-handed swing.

Bubba Watson:Bubba is a nickname that Watson picked up as a child, and its stuck with him ever since.

Arnold Palmer: Palmer is known asThe King, which was a nickname given to him by the media and fans. Its a reference to his long and successful career and his status as a golfing legend.

Jack Nicklaus: Nicklaus is known asThe Golden Bear, which is a reference to his nickname,Jack the Bear. Nicklaus was reportedly given the nickname because of his size, strength, and ferocity.

Rory McIlroy: McIlroy is known asRors, a nickname that was given to him by his friends. These are just a few of the nicknames given to some of golfs most famous players. Its a testament to their popularity and how much of an impact theyve made in the sport.